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Darrell S.-White Lake Charter Michigan
– March 28, 2017
Bugs are dead.
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Scott R.-White Lake Charter Michigan
– March 23, 2017
Friendly staff, nice to work with.


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White Lake Charter MI, Geography, and Pests

White Lake Charter Township Welcome SignWhite Lake Charter Township is located within the borders of Oakland County in the state of Michigan. It’s spread over an area of 37.2 square miles out of which 3.5 square miles is water. Several large plots of land have been reserved as county parks and recreational areas in this township. This charter also abounds in beautiful lakes.

White Lake Charter Township has many recreational activities on offer for people who are passionate about mountain biking, skiing, fishing, and boating. Residents can also enjoy the township’s many public and private parks. One portion of the Pontiac Lake State Recreation Center falls under the White Lake Township. This lake hosts the annual ‘Quake on the Lake’ races. Apart from the parks, there are several public golf courses here. Residents and visitors are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to finding recreational facilities in White Lake Charter.

Like any other neighborhood that abounds in parks, golf courses, and recreational reserves, White Lake Charter experiences a perennial pest problem. Pests that carry and transmit diseases and those that look for food and shelter are known to invade local homes and offices. Our exterminators in White Lake Charter, MI use the latest strategies to curb pest populations, get rid of pests and prevent re-infestations.

White Lake Charter, History and Pests

This township is made up of 3 unincorporated communities including East White Lake, Oxbow, and White Lake. Early settlers arrived here somewhere in the 1800s and set up their houses and worked on farms. There was also a one-room school set up in 1876. This school was constructed on the Thompson Farm on Bogie Lake Road, and it served students until 1943.

The township is now home to the White Lake Historical Society. This society is ideal for those interested in gathering information about the history of the White Lake area. History buffs can also tour the 1855 Kelly Fisk Farm House to see the historic building and its grounds.

Some of the pests most commonly seen here are wasps, mice, carpenter ants, and mosquitoes.

  • Wasps, including paper wasps and yellow jackets, defend their nests and are known to attack humans when they’re threatened. Homeowners or businesses should, therefore, employ the services of professional pest control companies in White Lake Charter, MI to get rid of their nests.
  • Mice look for tiny openings in the house to get in and out. They prefer staying indoors, and they’re most commonly seen in older homes. They carry infections and chew up electrical wires, plastic jars, and other household items. Residents must look for the signs of mice and take measures to eliminate them at the earliest.
  • Carpenter ants look for dead or damp wood. They’re drawn to old homes with wooden components. They rapidly chew dead wood and damage structures.
  • Mosquitoes carry the deadly Zika virus. They can also infect people with Dengue, Malaria, and Encephalitis. Mosquitoes multiply rapidly in standing water. Residents should, therefore, keep their surroundings clean and dry and use appropriate measures to tackle mosquitoes.

As local exterminators in White Lake Charter, we do our best to match our services to your needs. We’ll take care of those dangerous pest problems and help you get rid of those pesky invaders from your environment. Give us a call today!