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Common Pest Issues We Treat in White Lake Twp

Black-legged Ticks

Black-legged ticks, also called “deer ticks”, are a common pest around the Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area and the Highland Recreation Area in White Lake Twp.

Black-legged ticks can live for several years and take 2 or 3 blood meals during that time, depending on whether they’re male or female. Females take one more blood meal as adults to get the protein and other nutrients needed to produce their eggs.

The most common places to find these ticks are along trails in wooded areas, or near the edges of wooded areas. While their preferred hosts are mice when they’re young and deer as adults, they’ll feed on most large mammals including humans as adults.

Homes with yards that border a wooded area and outdoor pets like dogs are the most at risk for these pests. Black-legged ticks can transmit multiple diseases as nymphs and adults, including Lyme Disease.

Our Mosquito & Tick Control service treats can reduce tick (and mosquito) populations in your yard by more than 80%, starting in a matter of days! It lasts throughout the summer from May – September to give you full protection during tick season. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free quote for it!


Mosquitoes need water to reproduce so we often get calls about them from homes near White Lake, Pontiac Lake or other lakes here in town.

Mosquitoes are well-known for being able to use even the smallest amounts of standing water to complete their life-cycle. Sometimes they’ll even use hollows in trees that collect rain water!

While adult male mosquitoes live on plant nectar and don’t bite, females need the protein and nutrients in blood to produce their eggs so they definitely do. They are able to detect carbon dioxide and other chemicals that mammals produce to home in on potential victims.

Our Mosquito & Tick Control service can dramatically reduce mosquito (and tick) populations in your yard all summer – 80% reduction or more! Give us a call today and we’ll tell you about it and give you a free quote!

Other Pests

Some of the other common pests we see in White Lake Twp are ants, wasps and mice.

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Real Reviews from Our White Lake Twp Pest Control Customers

Amanda M.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“We were having ant problems, and they seem to be back. Not as bad as before, and i do not believe it was due to the technition (who was wonderful). But frustrating non-the-less”
Brenda R.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Since my first application was yesterday, I don’t have any feedback on the product, yet. I will say that both technicians (Brandon? and Mike) were very nice. Brandon sold me on the service with a good explanation of the product and service. Mike applied the product. Mike was very pleasant. He not only took the time to explain how he was going to apply the product, but he also said he would look for areas that might be an issue. After he applied the product, he came back inside the house and told me of some problem areas. He suggested we fill holes in the wood where bees were getting in. He even repeated everything to my husband, who arrived home when Mike was leaving. I look forward to working with Mike in the future.”
Connie B.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Jason C. was AMAZING! He did such a great job! We asked if he could ALWAYS be the guy who comes & does our house! He spent a lot of time doing the job right. He did not rush through getting the job done.
He also answered a lot of our questions.
He was very helpful & very polite.
You are lucky to have him with your company.
Thank you, Bob & Connie B.”
Darrell S.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Bugs are dead.”
Emma G.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Great. On time, professional, thorough and friendly. I felt confident In his knowledge base and will refer you guys to friends and family when in need!
Glennie A.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Very pleasant and informative”
Holly H.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Great! Thank you so much.”
John P.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“We are happy with the service your provide for us. Thank you”
Mark B.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“The Tech was very nice and seemed very knowledgeable. But we won’t know right away, will we?”
– White Lake Charter, MI
Samantha S.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Good, I feel the team is always thorough, friendly and helpful”
Scott R.
– White Lake Charter, MI
“Friendly staff, nice to work with.”

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About White Lake Twp, MI

White Lake is a charter township in the Greater Detroit Area located northwest of the city of Detroit.

Covering almost 40 square miles and with more than 30,000 residents, this is one of Michigan’s larger townships.

One of the neat features of White Lake Twp is that it has more than 3 square miles of water, spread out over 21 lakes! This means lake living is popular here, and many residents enjoy all the amenities that come with living on the water.

For those who like outdoor activities on land, the northeast area of White Lake Twp contains a 5,903 acre recreation area called the Pontiac Lake State Recreation Area. There are all kinds of activities available here, from horseback riding to mountain biking to hiking to skiing in the winter. Day-use areas provide for picnics, volleyball, and horseshoes. There are also rustic campgrounds and areas for boat launching on the lake. The recreation area can give residents or visitors a nice, relaxing visit or give them a day full of adventure and exploration.

If you guessed that all the water and natural features in White Lake Twp mean that pests can be a common issue here, you’re totally right! If you’re experiencing pest activity in your home or business and you’re ready to be done with it, give us a call today for a fast, free White Lake Twp pest control quote!

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