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Greg B.-Michigan
– May 14, 2017
Thanks again to Jon for the help and quick lesson on ants. As always, we appreciate the help you guys give us.


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Ypsilanti Geography and Pests

Ypsilanti Welcome SignWith only four and a half square miles, Ypsilanti manages to pack in a lot of features. With a high population density, Ypsilanti is largely developed and residential. However, Ypsilanti is, at heart, a college town with the expansive campuses of Eastern Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College occupying much of the north.

On the opposite side of town, Ypsilanti brushes up against the shores of Ford Lake. This lake spans across 975 acres and in some places reaches a depth of thirty feet. It is a popular place for Ypsilanti recreation. A long list of local fish species make Ford Lake their home. Ypsilanti residents often enjoy this park from the banks at Ford Lake Park. A 98 acre park, visitors here will find beaches, picnic pavilions, boat launches and a wide selection of recreational facilities.

Of course, where there are lakes, there are also mosquitos. Mosquitos require water in which to breed. Once they find a place where the conditions are right, they can breed in large numbers. Before you know it, you could have large clouds of these pests hanging over your Ypsilanti home. When this happens, make sure to place a quick call to us and we will arrange for a visit from our Ypsilanti exterminator.

Ypsilanti History and Pests

The small town of Ypsilanti has its origins in the 19th century fur trade industry. It was originally established by a fur trader, Gabriel Godfoy, as a trading post along the regular trading routes. It wasn’t until 1823 that a permanent settlement was established in the area.

Much of Ypsilanti’s history, however, is connected to the automobile industry. A long list of automobile producers made their businesses in Ypsilanti. Apex Motors, Preston Tucker, and Kaiser and Frazer are some of the industry greats to produce their famous models here in Ypsilanti. Finally, General Motors entered the scene in 1953 and continued production here until only recently.

Of course, automobiles weren’t the only thriving industry in Ypsilanti. The area was also home to mills and factories specializing in knit wear. In fact, one brand of underwear was so popular here that it came with the motto “Never a Rip, Never a Tear, Ypsilanti Underwear”.

With all of the production happening in Ypsilanti, even the household pests can be industrious. Residents might notice problems with, for example, carpenter ants. These pests make their homes in your house’s wooden fixtures. While they don’t eat the wood like termites, they do chew it and can cause structural damage. When you notice problems with these or other household pests, give us a call so that we can send out our Ypsilanti pest control specialists to help.

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