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Common Pest Issues We Treat in American Fork


Because so many new houses are being built in American Fork, the native mice, rats and other rodents can get displaced from their homes.

When the temperature drops in the winter, they then seek refuge in residences throughout the city. Once they get inside, it can be difficult to get rid of them, as they multiply so rapidly.

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Cockroaches are common in many cities around the world, and they are just as prevalent here in American Fork.

They like to nest in rotting wood and other damp debris, so you’ll often see them near Mill Pond, though they can be found just about everywhere.

Cockroaches tend to stay hidden as much as possible, so you may only see one or two. Don’t let that fool you, though; if you see just one there could easily be countless more nearby!

We offer a very effective 2-treatment Roach Control service to get rid of these pests. Call today for a free quote!

Other Pests

Throughout American Fork, you’ll also find a variety of ant, wasp and spider species, as well as bed bugs.

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About American Fork, UT

American Fork is part of the Provo-Orem metropolitan area and is located just north of Utah Lake.

The population in the area has been growing rapidly in recent years, resulting in plenty of new construction.

Many of these new residents choose to come to the area for its close proximity to a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing and water sports.

However, homes and businesses in American Fork can also house a wide range of household pests. If you need expert help to get rid of any pests, call us today for a free American Fork pest control quote!