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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Lindon


Small rodents, like mice and rats, are common throughout Lindon. They can often be found in areas near parks and wooded areas, like Pheasant Brook Park and Lindon City Park.

These little critters sneak into homes in the cold winter months, and once inside, they don’t want to leave! They can get in through remarkably small openings and reproduce rapidly, making them challenging to get rid of.

Fortunately, the experts at proof. have a lot of experience getting rid of rodents and can help you solve your rodent problem as quickly as possible. To get rid of existing rodent issues or prevent new ones, we offer both 1-time and seasonal Rodent Control services.


Cockroaches are common in just about every city on Earth, and Lindon is no exception.

Cockroaches like to hide in damp, dark areas, so you may find them in your garage or under your flooring, especially in older homes in which the wood has begun to rot.

They tend to do their best to stay hidden so if you see one, you may have a much bigger problem than you realize! Our 2-treatment Roach Control service will help you get rid of these unsightly critters for good!

Other Pests

In Lindon, you’ll also find wasps, spiders, ants, bed bugs and more.

If you suspect that you might be dealing with an infestation of these or any other local pest, call proof. right away!

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Daria K.
“I was not at home and my wife apparently did not open the door therefore I can not give a complete review, however they have been very professional and complete in their work.”
Shirley K.
“Scott was very good and informative on the box elder bugs we are dealing with. Very polite”
Steve I.
“Great service, glad he was the one who came out to our home.”
Steve N.
“Scott did a great job.”
Nikki W.
“Mike is professional, thorough, hardworking and a very kind man. You are lucky to have him!”

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About Lindon, UT

Lindon is a small city just north of Orem.

The city is home to approximately 10,000 residents, and that number is rising with each passing year.

Many come to the area for its plentiful outdoor activities and beautiful weather. However, what is attractive to humans is also desirable to a variety of common household pests.

These pests can really diminish your enjoyment of this beautiful mountain city, so give us a call today for a free Lindon pest control quote and we’ll take care of them for you!