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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Pleasant Grove


Anywhere you find trees, you’ll likely find wasps, and Pleasant Grove is no exception to this rule. Yellow jackets, paper wasps and bald-faced hornets are all common in and around Pleasant Grove.

In addition to trees, they also like to make their nests under the eaves of your home or even under your front porch! Wasps tend to be most prevalent on the outskirts of town, like near Grove Creek Canyon and Heisetts Hollow.

Wasps can sting multiple times so it’s best to keep a safe distance from the nest until the professionals at proof. arrive to take care of the problem for you.

We offer 1-time wasp removal service, plus we cover all wasps and stinging insects year-round with our popular Pest Free Guarantee™ plan.


Mice, rats and other small rodents are common in the Pleasant Grove area. They often make their way into Pleasant Grove homes to find warmth, food and shelter in the winter.

Once they get comfortable inside your home, it can be very difficult to get them to leave. Homes near parks, like Manila Creek Park and Battle Creek Park may be especially susceptible.

Other Pests

Cockroaches, spiders, ants, bed bugs and more also call Pleasant Grove home.

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Mick H.
“Great job! Professional and thorough!”
Roger D.
“Good job on a very cold day!”
Lisa J.
“Jason professionally provided tips about the notorious stink bugs, now sleeping in my attic. His attention to details led to a recommendation for rodent control… great service overall.”
Katie K.
“Very professional, funny and kind.”
Cedric E.
“This is our 2nd visit and my husband was extremely pleased with the way he ensured that every area of the home was exterminated…this has been a very difficult time and many sleepless nights…we are really hoping that this ordinal has been resolved.”

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About Pleasant Grove, UT

Pleasant Grove is a large city located just north of the Provo-Orem Metropolitan Area.

Known affectionately as “Utah’s City of Trees,” this beautiful city is a haven for lovers of the outdoors. There are plenty of parks and recreational spaces in the area, making it an attractive destination for families.

However, natural beauty comes at a cost: lots of local pest activity. If you’re experiencing unwanted attention from Pleasant Grove pests, give us a call today for a free Pleasant Grove pest control quote!