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Common Pest Issues We Treat in Springville


Any wooded area will see lots of spiders, so homes near Wayne Bartholomew Family Park and Spring Acres park are likely to be especially susceptible. Of course, spiders can be found throughout the rest of the city as well, but these areas tend to see them frequently.

House spiders and wolf spiders make their homes in Springville, and these varieties are typically not dangerous. Black widows can be cause for concern, though, as their bites can be quite painful.

Our Pest Free Guarantee™ service is a seasonal service that lasts all year, and includes coverage against all spider species plus more than 30 other common Utah pests!

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are common in Springville as well. These ants are large and black, so they are relatively easy to spot on your property.

They prefer damp, rotten wood, so they are common in and around homes near water features like Provo Bay.

Carpenter ants burrow into the wood, but they do not eat it. However, they can still cause significant damage to your home, especially if it is older, so call proof. right away if you suspect you might have an infestation! Carpenter ants are one of 30+ common Utah pests covered on our popular Pest Free Guarantee™ service.

Other Pests

Homeowners in Springville may also have mice, rats and other rodents to contend with, as well as wasps and cockroaches.

For all your pest control needs, call on the experts at proof. We’ll treat your home specifically for your particular unwanted invader so your property can be pest-free once more!

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Alexandra P.
“Provided very thorough explanation of process in which ants are eliminated as well as services Proof is able to provide. Answered questions regarding safety of product used in home.”
Jennifer G.
“John was a pleasure to deal with and seemed to know what he was doing. He and Dan were a wealth of knowledge and answered all of my questions. They thoroughly treated my home and I am grateful! I look forward to regaining my peace of mind. Everyone that I have interacted with at this company has been kind, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful! What a great team and company!”
Carl O.
“Jonathan was courteous and friendly and did his work quickly and efficiently. Time of course, will tell if he was successful. Five stars.”
Mary T.
“I am very happy with my first visit from Jonathan. He was very informative about pest control and the processes that will be used. He made me feel comfortable about the process and took a lot of time to show me where my problems are and what was needed to fix them. He was also very respectful of my home and property and made sure it was all clean when he left.”
Marissa R.
“Mike was timely, expeditious and very professional. He was sure to keep a clean working space by wearing booties in the house. He took care to address my questions and concerns. Looking forward to my quarterly update!”
Laurel F.
“Jason was an awesome tech! He was polite, explained everything carefully, was really friendly with my dogs 🙂 and thorough in the house.”

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About Springville, UT

Springville is a beautiful city located just south of Provo. Nestled up in the mountains, it is a haven for those who love the outdoors, with many people flocking to the area for its picturesque hiking trails during the summer and fantastic skiing in the winter.

While it is true that Springville is beautiful, it also has its share of household pests. If you’re ready to take care of them once and for all, give us a call today for a free Springville pest control quote!