Oh…That’s Why They Call Them House Spiders.

House spider webs do not have a regular shape and will form webs in many different areas of a home. Most commonly they reside in ceiling corners, windows, and within lights or light structures.

They may spin webs in many areas of a home while they determine which areas will be best for catching their prey. Their prey typically consists of insects, but they have been known to prey on other spiders, small reptiles, scorpions, and sometimes even rodents.

These spiders do not usually bite, but will strike out if they feel threatened or if they have taken up residence in the toe of a shoe you are putting your foot in. House spider bites are not life threatening; however, sometimes they do require trips to the hospital when swelling, headaches, or lesions are present.

How to Identify a House Spider

Is it in your house? Then, there ya go. Just kidding. House spiders are typically very small, only measuring a maximum of 8 millimeters in length. They are brown or gray in color, sometimes with darker stripe or chevron markings along their legs and bodies. Like all spiders, they are wingless and their bodies are divided into two main sections called an abdomen (large part) and a cephalothorax.

How to Keep House Spiders Out of Your Home

  • Spiders love clutter because it creates an easy foundation for their homes. Keeping your homes clear of clutter will minimize their presence.
  • Try to minimize any gaps in your home.
  • Be sure that screens are not bent or torn to prevent spiders from climbing through the cracks.
  • Do not leave unattended rooms closed off for long periods of time. Spiders will become at home in areas where they will not be bothered by constant dusting or cleaning.
  • Keep storage in plastic, airtight containers rather than in cardboard boxes where spiders can easily enter.

What proof. Professionals Do To Get Rid Of House Spiders

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