Yellow Jacket Michigan

Aerial and Paper Nesting Wasps

During the warm summer months in Michigan, we start to see many wasp nests appear on the sides of houses, corners of fences, or in the branches of trees. These large papery nests swarming with stinging insects are very intimidating, especially when they are so close to your home! Unfortunately, unlike bees, wasps can be very […]

michigan yellow jacket

Yellow Jackets Already Buzzing Around

I’m sure you’ve noticed them.  Buzzing around a garbage can near your local baseball park, or the closest filling station.  Man, yellow jackets do love garbage!  And they love garbage because of all the sugar they find there.  How many times during the summer are you worried about yellow jackets getting into your Coca-cola can […]

The 3 Most Common Pest Problems for Novi Homeowners

There is much to love about Novi, Michigan.  Novi has great schools and communities. It has numerous places to shop and eat. It has beautiful homes and scenery.  It is a safe and fun place to live.  Novi is not only one of the best cities in Oakland County, it is one of the best […]

Wasp and vespiary

Wait, that Is not a Bee Flying at My Face?!-How to Identify Flying, Stinging Insects and Why Identification Matters

Ok folks, a wasp is NOT a bee!  (Shocker, I know).  Nor are yellow jackets and hornets.  It may seem obvious when seeing it on paper, but if you were in your backyard this past weekend trying to enjoy the beautiful weather on your beautiful deck, and a YABFO (“yellow and black flying object.” Duh.) […]

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