Pokemon Go is all the rage these days, so when we talk about characters most of us know who the most annoying ones are! These annoying little ones are not the hardest to catch, and not really worth your time, but seem to continuously show up in random places throughout your house.

Who make up the top 7 critters on this list…?

1. Rattata

Just like its name this little guy is a rat! Seems to be fitting because no one in the human world likes a rat anyway!

Also just like rats do, Rattata multiplies and before you know it they are EVERYWHERE!

2 & 3. Chansey & Blissey

This spot is shared by two, because they are virtually the same: chunky pink blobs that are well known for their role as the best special wall in this game.  

Any special attacker that lacks Psyshock can be stopped by these two mutants. Their high pitched annoying voice that continually says their name “Chansey”, “Blissey” is enough to drive you crazy. You want to defeat them just to silence them!

4. Charzoid

This guy is a little weakling and does pretty much nothing.

One hit and he’s a goner, therefore doing no damage to other Pokemon and is pretty much useless.

5. Diglett

The little burrower. He digs a hole and hides.

So basically a scaredy cat that lives because he takes cover…pssshhh where’s the offense!

6. Ninjask

He’s just plain annoying for being such a pro at baton passing…the guy you love to hate.


Aesthetically, this critter even looks annoying.

His evil little beady red eyes, sinister grin, and Sub Disable set make him a great competitor. He is one trickster that is hard to defeat.

7. Tentacruel

Uses toxins to affect other pokemon during battle. This can be quite annoying when you only have a few turns left.

Everyone gets competitive when it comes to winning so this little vermin can definitely leave you frustrated!

Everyone has their absolute first pesty pick when it comes to these annoying top 7.

Leave a comment with your pick of the litter and any strategies you might have in defeating them.

I know everyone can bring some good advice to the table that may aid all of us in winning the war in Pokemon Go.  Here at proof. Pest Control we may be real world pest exterminators, but in this trendy game the struggle is real! Nobody wants to waste Pokemon balls on these pesty 7!