Earwigs are small, flattened insects with tail-end pinchers. They are close relatives of cockroaches.

In many of our service areas, earwigs are a common pest problem during warmer months.

Diet & Habitat

Don’t believe the stories!

Earwigs DO NOT crawl into the ears of people and pinch their brain, as urban legend might tell.

Earwigs feed on small bugs like mites and fleas. They will also eat garbage waste and moist plant material. All earwigs are highly dependent on moisture.

Earwigs are mainly nocturnal. During they day, they group together and try to remain unseen, often hiding underneath rocks, or in home or business cracks and crevices.

How Earwigs Get Inside

Earwigs generally enter homes from the ground floor. Once inside, they can easily make their way to other parts of the house.

Since their survival depends on being surrounded by moisture, they typically congregate in wall voids around bathrooms, kitchens, or wash room and utility areas.

To help keep earwigs away:

  • Make sure to keep organic matter away from the foundation of the home.
  • During fall months, rake leaves before snowfall.
  • Trim hedges and other plant life away from the foundation of the home to reduce earwig harborage.
  • Caulk and seal any visible entry points around the foundation and make sure to run a dehumidifier in the basement.

What proof. Does to Control Earwigs in and around Your Home or Business

Earwigs are a significant problem in our major service areas.

We are experts at treating earwigs, and they are covered by our popular Pest Free Guarantee™ seasonal service, along with ants, wasps, mice and 30+ more common pests.

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