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Bob V.-Michigan
– March 31, 2017
We used to have little black ants crawling around the inside of our house at least 2 or 3 times a year. Since we started with Proof Pest we haven’t had any insects inside our house.


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Ann Arbor Geography and Pests

Ann Arbor Welcome SignAbout half an hour west of Detroit lies the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. This city of about 29 square miles is mostly fertile agricultural land in rolling hills. It is bordered along the north and east sides by the Huron River, which plays a notable role in Ann Arbor’s geography.

Between the Huron River and Ann Arbor’s close proximity to the Great Lakes, this area experiences a humid continental climate. This means that Ann Arbor has four distinct seasons with a noticeably warm and humid summer and a higher than average amount of precipitation.

Ann Arbor is very hilly with elevations ranging from 750 feet to over a thousand feet on the higher west side. Thanks to the humid and seasonal climate, these hills are covered in lush vegetation, giving Ann Arbor the nickname “Tree Town”. The city is said to boast more than 100,000 trees in public areas and parks. There are an abundance of green parks and recreational areas throughout town.

Unfortunately, in recent years, many of Ann Arbor’s trees have come under threat. An epidemic about a decade ago of emerald ash borer beetles destroyed more than ten thousand trees. At other times in recent history, trees have died off from dutch elm disease. In fact, the loss of trees has been so extensive that city officials have struggled to keep up with maintenance.

But destructive bugs in this town aren’t just limited to those killing your trees. Ann Arbor residents should also be on the lookout for carpenter ants. Although these pests don’t actually eat wood like terminates do, they do chew it and this can lead to destruction of your home’s wooden structures. If these or any other household pest become a problem, simply contact us today and our expert Ann Arbor exterminator team can promptly take care of them.

Ann Arbor History and Pests

When Ann Arbor was officially founded, it involved a romantic gesture. Two land speculators, John Allen and Elisha Walker Rumsey, both had wives named “Ann”. When in 1824 they founded the city which would later become Ann Arbor, they decided to make it a tribute to both ladies. Thus, the area became known as Ann Arbor.

Interestingly, much of Ann Arbor’s 20th century history revolves around its status as a center for liberal politics. Particularly during the 1960s and 70s, this city was a hot spot of left-leaning ideas and exchanges. It was a central city in the anti-Vietnam War movement. As the years passed, these liberal attitudes spread beyond war policy and the area also become a leading city in other liberal thought. Ann Arbor was among the first areas to debate equal rights and anti discrimination laws. It was also an early thought leader in the discussion of marijuana possession.

These days, however, the city is a little more politically balanced. People from all walks of life and all perspectives happily share the same space. In fact, in 2010, Ann Arbor was listed by Forbes as one of the best places to live in the US!

However, humans aren’t the only ones to enjoy living here. Ann Arbor, like most other cities, is also home to some undesirable pests. Residents may experience trouble with common household insects such as spiders, roaches and ants. Some, like Indian Meal Moths or Saw-Toothed Grain Beetles, will get into the foods in your pantry and ruin your stored goods. When this happens, a quick call to your local Ann Arbor pest control specialists at proof. Pest will solve the problem right away!