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Rochester Welcomes Settlers, not Household Pests

Rochester Welcome SignIn 1817, the first settlers wandered into Rochester. The Graham family settled down into their quaint little cabin and thus began a long tradition of settling in Rochester. And the settling continues to this day! In fact, there is probably something new settling into your home right this very minute! But these new residents aren’t the kind you want!

With abundant surrounding waterways and plenty of lush green space, Rochester is a welcoming natural environment. However, it is also welcoming to whole communities of pests. From spiders taking up residence in your closets to mice making homes in your basement, you have new neighbors that you don’t want. And while Rochester is known to be a welcoming community, you don’t have to welcome pests!

Welcome Home?

Perhaps you thought you were doing all the right things. You use airtight food containers, and you seal all doorways carefully. You always inspect your screens for holes and are quite sure you have never found one! Or maybe you have been sending out the welcome wagon unintentionally. You knew there was a leaking drain, but it can wait, right? When the toddler scattered those cereal crumbs, you thought you had gotten them all! When those chilly Michigan winters started, you didn’t stack your firewood quite far enough away. After all, in that freezing weather, who wants to walk a full twenty feet?

But one way or another, your new neighbors are here. The pests have moved in and have grand plans to set down roots and raise their families. After a fun day at Pine Knob Ski Resort, your aprés ski is ruined by the ants invading your kitchen. You return from the perfect camping trip in Bald Mountain only to be asked to share your shower with the spider family. And they just won’t leave. Even the family trip to Avon North Hill Lanes is interrupted by a surprise stowaway in your bowling bag!

Reclaim Your Settlement!

Before you give up and head on over to the Royal Park hotel for a while, don’t let the pests run you out! There is a solution. You aren’t alone. Let a proven Rochester exterminator help you. Our products and services will have you reclaiming your family’s settlement for yourself in no time.

You may wonder if perhaps you should conquer your pest settlement on your own. As admirable as your solo quest is, there are plenty of reasons to team up with a Rochester pest control team. Our professional-grade products are guaranteed to do a more effective job than anything over the counter—without causing harm to any of the human settlers in your cabin. Our team is highly skilled with enough combined experience to combat any pest. We have the best equipment out there to deal with your unwelcome settlers. Google may have a lot of knowledge, but, let’s be honest, nothing beats the real deal.

When you work with us, you get the full package. Our team of experts are familiar with every invading pest in the book. From ants to wolf spiders, we have met them all. If the cockroach family has moved in, we know just what to do. Wasps hovering over your door? No problem. We even address those furry communities setting up residence in your home. Rats and mice will find no welcome with us!

Whether you have been settled in Rochester for two hundred years or you are newly arriving, we want you to stay! And we don’t want you to have to share your hard earned home with those annoying pest communities. So when you notice unwanted new neighbors, let the best in Rochester pest control help you.